HiRo Saika hiro.saika@gmail.com titre indisponible matériel indisponible dimensions indisponibles I started to paint in 1992 at the Royal Fine Art Academy of Brussels at the « atelier Marianne Dock. I was born in tokyo in 1949. I was a veterinary assistant in Tokyo. I visited Belgium in 1989 and at a turning point of my life in 1990, I decided to live in Belgium. I wanted to pull out my blood DNA (My grandfather was the artist Painter YAGI SAIKA). My life was a struggle to change myself and become an artist when I finished my diploma in Belgium. My Painting and 3D papier-maché are shown in two countries.
Cultural mix (Japan and Belgium and europa). I love to use mixed techniques and a lot of colours . The title Toupie has lot of colours in my mind. Toupie was a stray dog and her life was similar to mine.
She was my companion, my model, my secretary, my critic, my guard man when I was going to the art academy at night and she made pose for a painting. She was a mannequin in the atelier. She had a lot of fun (friends). I use animal motifs to express freedom, happy and love. My life is Art